Cho Tuglak function and takeaways.

A few days back in a twitter conversation I mentioned that prime importance during the Tuglak function must be attached to Cho’s replies and speech and not to LKA or Modi’s speech. Last year it was during this function Cho laid the foundation for AIAdmk-DMDK alliance through his speech, clearly giving indication what was the gameplan.

I strongly believed that possible RSS gameplan for BJP in TN and nationally will be given away by Cho.

Before getting into the details and interpretations, would like to translate some portions of Chos speech. This mainly to correct  wrong intepretation let out by journos yesterday. Barring the first post article which has picked the tweets from many of us yesterday, all others had got it wrong.

From cho answers to readers qns.

On Modi as Pm candidate,  – I want it, you all want it, but it depends on all voters of this nation.

from Cho speech

No other party had indulged in brazen corruption in history of independent india like UPA. The only moksha out of this situation is for the government to go and the BJP to come to power. Only BJP can pack of this govt.

BJp has some problems  and there are charges against few. Unlike the UPA where one cannot identify who is a good person, it is easy to tell and count by hand who is dishonest in the BJP. Thats why there is great expectation among people on BJP. Thats why it worries people even if the feeling of jealously among few in the party comes.

Today LKA is the tallest leader in the nation and no one can claim the status of leader. He is a statesman whose very entry makes people to stand up and he commands respect. His determination, integrity,his political acumen, experience, patriotism, will power has made him into a great leader.

His lieutinent is Narendra Modi, who is shown as what all can be achieved through his work in Gujarat. Even after this, its foolish not to bring him to All India level and make use of him. Just like how a ranji trophy player who performs so well for state has to be brought into National level, Narendra Modi too has to be brought.

This can be done only by Advani. Only Advani can guide the BJP. Unlike Congress which depends on Sonia, the BJP is party full of talent, leaders and with many people of stature and hence there is competition and faces a problem of riches.  Their independence gives the impression of competition.  Parties with single vote catcher have total discipline. But a party with so many leaders does face the problem of competition.

But because they are all mature and if nation comes first to them, I expect them to easily sort it out.

The journalists and some of the opposition leaders,  say Modi is not a secularist. No single court has found him in the wrong.

What did Sc do,  to investigate riots a SIT, it gives a report, to cross check another person, to cross check this again, take it to court. Their desperate Attempt is to somehow chargesheet him and convict him and potray in the negative . Is their someway out of Modi?

The SIT has said there is nothing to chargesheet him, and they are now desperate and prolonging the case. They fear him, if he comes we are Govinda.

So next ploy is raise the Nitish bogey. Indian express recently had an article, not much of development has happened in bihar. There are still lot of problem in Bihar. Nitish has faced protests from police on account of them not receiving salary, many villages dont have power, and they achieve their work through corruption.

The reason for lot of goodwill for Nitish is 7 times increased advt since he came to power. He is a a very good man, I am also a good person, that doesnt make me qualified to hand over the country to me. He is good man and wantedly a competition has been raised by elements who fear Modi.

In order that we dont worry over it, would like to mention that the man who made BJP what it is is LKA. It was LKA who proposed Vajpayee as PM. LKA could have become PM if he wanted to then. LKA is such a confident man. India has only two parties, Congress or BJP formations as alternative.

It was LKA who brought this bipolarity, through his hardwork, yatras, honesty, which has helped BJP. The problem is he has mentored a lot of people. Like Anna thurai of DMk, who mentored many leaders, Advani too has done this selflessly without fear for his position.

As per Sachar comm. report, literacy, rural education,govt employment opportunities, individual earnings, BPL nos reduction, its Gujarat which stands out. There are many states which say we do work, but true work is done in Gujarat.

Our reporters have gone to Gujarat, Muslims and Christians says our vote is for  Modi .

Take the case of CBI in Amit Shah case, it lied that many relatives of Amit Shah are in judicial positions in Gujarat but were caught. There is attempt to discredit a good candidates like in Amit shah case  through slander and lies.

Finally at end

Jaya wishes to bring a government like Modis/Gujarat govt in TN. She aspires to take TN to a position better than Modis administartaion of Gujarat. She suffers though from lack of continous run as everytime is time is wasted on repairing the DMK unleashed disarray. She will compete with Modi if she gets continuous run of 10 years

BJP’s decision is in the hands of Advani, but we people have Modi in our minds, we see him as PM candidate. If he comes nation will be electrified, as Modi will become the issue, no other issues needed for BJP, with it they can win  the elections easily.

If for some reason, if those who speak secularism and associated issues combine and say bjp govt cannot come but a bjp supported govt can come, then I would say BJP should support Jaya as pm.

Her patriotism,determination, hardwork, charisma, grasping power, her ability to swim against tideknowing many languages are qualities which will be highly useful for a country.

Even otherwise, I think ADMk will play a crucial role in the formation of next government and they will need to do their bit for a BJP govt.

Be it uniting the party post being hounded out after MGR death, developing the party, or making the phoenix comeback and finally achieving a stupendous electoral achievement not even achieved by MGR, she has done it single handedly, and depended on her own and was her lone campaigner.

I admire leaders like jaya and Modi who get no central support and achieve despite the hurdles of hostile media and centre.


Thanks giving speech of Cho ..

In his typical satirical style after listing the mutual agreements over many issues between bjp and admk – I am only mentioning the mutual agreements in many issues, and I am not talking abt alliance.(this is his style where its like saying dont do dont do when meaning is do it.)

I am only talking abt post poll scenario and not prepoll scenario.


My reactions and takeaways in twitter yesterday and today post seeing some clippings in Jaya news.

I have repeatedly said, Jaya name is clever ploy to neutralize Nitish and 3 rd front.

If at all confused results turn up, each gang in bjp will prop up one among these. expect AJ to prop Nitish or Sharad yadav, Modi,sushma – JJ

message of  modi, lka i.e is bjp to tn : you guys love lot of state autonomy, BJP guarantees it, unlike cong which usurps it.

Jaya will not have a pre poll alliance. BJP knows this . period.

Only post poll alliance will give her hold to neutralize Nitish kite flying by some BJP ites and journos

Pre poll will not give her the leeway to maneuver .

Heard Cho speech clippings, he said

Every body wants BJP, the decision rests with LKA, All of us see Modi as PM, pm candidate, if it happens nation will be electrified

Moment Modi is announced as candidate, Modi becomes the issue, no other issue, That is enough for BJP to easily win polls

In case some people oppose him in the name of secularism and associated nonsense, and say form a BJP supported govt, BJP should make JJ pm

Combined with his earlier talk on Nitish being promoted by journos for fear of Modi,Its clearly clipping the strings of Nitish kite flying by media, some anti modi grp dreams in BJP

And what did many do, misconstrue as Cho pumping for JJ as pm. Also read Cho saying only postpoll.With postpoll Jaya can neutralize nitish kite flying. as simple as that

CHO was all out calling for Modi as PM and neutralize attempt to scuttle Modi by using Nitish in name of high moral pseudo secularism

As I said the other day, its not Modi or LKA speech thats to be listened carefully, but CHo.I think Jaya will be RSS strategy too to neutralize any attempt to use Nitish bogey by some in BJP

Thats the message I get out from chennai yesterday

 When tha nation has been pushed in to abyss by 10 yrs of inept government, it requires a stong PM with vision to pull it out,not 20 mp pm
Take away post hearing full audio of speech

In effect Cho’s last line was the thread for LKA and Modi speech. That of federalism and unfair treatment of non congress states by centre. This once again as I mentioned in twitter feed, its Cho reflecting the talk and strategy of possibly Nagpur post election results and important people in BJP on the thread for stitching together alliances.

As mentioned in twitter stream on his earlier mention of Nitish, Bihar not yet being in a great state and the bold mentions of some opposition leaders raising bogey of secularism in the translation above, CHO has only hit out at Nitish actions during Bihar elections and some of the attempts by BJP leaders to scuttle Modi using Nitish bogey. Cho also hints that media is giving a positive spin than Nitish deserves  to prop his image up as a counter to Modi while Modi has achieved the image through letting his work speak despite the hostile media.

The mention at end of Jaya campaigning on her own and achieving all the laurels on her own, is a reminder to the fact, that Nitish needed the BJP to come to power, the BJP too struggled hard to oust Lalloo, he had luxury of many great leaders campaigning and that the 20 MP’s he will contribute will have the great hand of BJP in it.

This is unlike the case for Jaya in TN. Readings from his last few lines is if at all country needs to be ruled by a leader who is just the leader of 20 Mp’s got through alliances, it is better to have leader like Jaya who will command more Mp’s than Nitish through her own efforts.

So clearly Cho clipping the strings of Nitish kite flying by people averse to Modi, by using the Jaya bogey. In effect jaya is the pin that will be used to puncture Nitish Balloon.

So In my view the reading is RSS will not announce the PM candidate like in UP and will use the Jaya factor to negate any attempts at using Nitish to neutralize Modi post poll. Cho saying it is the post poll scenario, clearly gives how it will proceed and how Jaya wont be burdened by prepoll alliance in her ability to neutralize Nitish. Jaya can only be countered if the BJP takes the wrong decision of courting Mamta orMaya. Given her need to maintain secular credentials with WB state elections soon to come and her extreme left stand BJP may find it extremely difficult to take her on board. The dynamics in UP and past experiences will weigh a lot while courting Maya. Jaya becomes the safe bet for BJP.

Jayas slogan for Tn elections will be give me 40 Mp’s, TN will install the best primeminister for the Nation and also ensure TN reaps the benefits for that act.

Cho has also  clearly  put Advani under pressure through this meet, where he got LKA and Modi on same stage, and set the ball rolling by calling Modi lieutenant to Advani, urging Advani to bring him to national stage and also make Advani realize the popular mood for Modi as PM among many BJP supporters and even non BJP supporters even in a state like TN.

When readers asked Cho will BJP announce Modi as Pm candidate, only Modi can make india compete with China, will you please ask Advani to name Modi as Pm candidate, the message must have gone loud and clear to Advani.

The ball has now been lobbed publicly in  LKA’s court. He is clearly under pressure.

In the end beautifully done by Cho and others like Gurumurthy

Cho missed a trick or two by not getting channels like Jaya plus to live telecast it or neutral news channel like puthiya thalaimurai which has a webcast also, or the site Kalakendra to webcast it freely as it did last year.

Jaya’s reported Pm ambition

There have been manu speculations that Jaya nurses a Pm ambition, and perhaps journos blinded by these speculations, wrongly construed Cho as pumping for Jaya as PM.

My take is, she is matured enough to know the pros and cons. of such an ambition. She may have nurtured such an ambition in the past fuelled by those near her or by reportedly astrologers, but she has shown enough evidences of having matured during this term.

Coupled with her maturity with experience and her astuteness, one has to deduce that she will know the pitfalls of leading govt that is neither BJP led or Cong led in this country. She would very well know that life expectancy of such a government is short. Unlike Nitish who has Sharad yadav to fall back on, she does not have an aide to fall back on in TN.

She would need a person to take care of the state as cm, another for the party organisations. It would be tough job to handle a coalition, undo the mess the UPA has led the country into and at same time manage affairs/ retain control of state and party which is at farthest end from the national capital.

She has shown enough evidences as wanting to be seen as a leader who delivers the promise as well as be seen as development oriented leader as Modi. This point was reiterated by Cho himself.  She would need to undo the damage done by DMk and put the state on the path, – a visible path before 2014  and mainly complete a significant job by 2016 if she wants to achieve her dream of wiping out DMK and achieving what MGR did, a second consecutive term. She is on the job since December 1st. The media may have failed to notice it, like articles on first post, but throughout December and continuing in new year, she has been announcing one governance related issue or other without waiting for budget session beginning on Jan 30. She has not even allowed the operation Sasikala to distract her on this. Monday could see the start of phase two of this operation culminating before onset of budget session. As a transport sector follower, can assure the dead and buried transport sector of TN, once its pride, is beginning to look up.

She knows well that if she leaves mid way in 2014, come 2016 she will be in deep trouble. post 2016 she may have neither the pm post, cm post or the party in control. She still hasnt completely defanged the Sasikala gang or possible future threats from them. She is has not cemented her position in the state yet.

She is of  authoritative nature and would not like to bow down to especially mercurial allies  like Mamta, and then Nitish. Hence with just 30 MpP’s at command and with her  lack of finesse in dealing with allies, I dont think she will venture out for such an experiment. She would rather prefer to dictate terms.

Inbetween 2012 and 2014 lies the possible party pooper in bangalore court

Thanks to Idlyvadai for audio of Cho speech

Waiting for video to see the reactions of Modi and Advani to Chos comments.

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